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Page One Client Testimonials

Some of the Famous Websites we created

Rex Luciferius BandPage One helped me get over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud in 3 months!

SollogPage One has done my website for over 20 years. Highly Recommend

247 NewsPage One has done our website for almost 20 Years. Fantastic Company!

1 eBooksPage One did a great job on our eBook Portal

Car Accident Lawyer .com – Page One is the Best

Client Speed Tests

247 News

247 NewsIs the Fastest News site on the Net – Article

247 SEO Score – A SEO Score 535 Milliseconds Page Speed

CNN SEO Score – C- SEO Score 7.39 Seconds Page Speed

BBC SEO Score – B- SEO Score 5.92 Seconds Page Speed

NY Times SEO Score – C SEO Score 11.23 Seconds Page Speed



247 News has a higher SEO Score and is faster than Major Sites

Amazon – C- SEO Score 2.10 Seconds Page Speed

eBay – A SEO Score 2.27 Seconds Page Speed

Twitter – A SEO Score 2.7 Seconds Page Speed

Facebook – C SEO Score 1.63 Seconds Page Speed

Microsoft – C SEO Score 1.5 Seconds Page Speed

iTunes – C SEO Score 1.3 Seconds Page Speed

Wiki – D SEO Score


1 eBooks

1 eBooks – A+ SEO Score Less than 1 SECOND (974Ms)

Amazon Kindle StoreB SEO Score 3.73 Seconds Page Speed

Barnes & NobleC SEO Score 1.93 Seconds Page Speed

Book Bub B SEO Score 1.9 Seconds Page Speed


1 eMusic

1 eMusic – A+ SEO Score Page Speed Less than 1 SECOND (853Ms)

Google Play Music – B SEO Score 1.92 Seconds Page Speed

iTunes – C SEO Score 1.39 Seconds Page Speed

Spotify – B SEO Score 4.19 Seconds Page Speed

PandoraD SEO Score 3.66 Seconds Page Speed

Youtube Music – A SEO Score 1.2 Seconds Page Speed


Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer – A SEO Score 848 Milliseconds Page Speed

Lawyers .com – C SEO Score 2.52 Seconds Page Speed


Flowers Galore Florist

Flowers GaloreA+ SEO Score 680 Milliseconds Page Speed

800 FlowersC SEO Score 4.16 Seconds Page Speed

FTD – D SEO Score 3.71 Seconds Page Speed


Victory Plumbing

Victory Plumbing A+ SEO Score 788 Milliseconds Page Speed

Roto Rooter C SEO Score 4.38 Seconds Page Speed


Here is our Network Speed Tests

Compared to every Top Website Hosting Company


Our Super Fast Page Open Times

All of these Sites are PAGE ONE Hosting Companies


Page One 517MS (1/2 Second)

1 WPO 292MS (1/4 Second)

1 Hosting Cloud 280MS (1/4 Second)

Adoni Cloud 593MS (6/10 Second)

ONE SEO 366MS (1/3 Second)


Other Hosting Companies Speed Test Scores

Godaddy B Score 2.31 Seconds Speed

HostGator C Score 5.94 Seconds Speed

Hivelocity C Score 5.22 Seconds Speed

SInglehop D Score 3.96 Seconds Speed

Hostway C Score 3.19 Seconds Speed

Liquid Web C Score 1.80 Seconds Speed

Rackspace C Score 2.52 Seconds Speed

Serverloft C Score 4.19 Seconds Speed

Splunk D Score 6.75 Seconds Speed

Viawest C Score 4.83 Seconds Speed

Dreamhost B Score 2.34 Second Speed

In Motion Hosting B Score 3.35 Seconds Speed

iPage Hosting C Score 2.91 Seconds Speed

Server Hub D Score 2.96 Seconds Speed

Jaguar PC B Score 3.95 Seconds Speed

Fast Comet C Score 2.33 Seconds Speed

Server Pronto C Score 2.57 Seconds Speed



WPO Speed Hosting

WPO Website Performance Optimization only $999 Site

SEO Speed Optimization only $999 Site (Same as WPO)

SEO CDN Setup (Cloud) $999 Site

Onsite SEO only $249 per page

Local SEO Maintenance Montly Service


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Internet Marketing Gurus

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Get PAGE ONE of Search Engines & Social Media



1 Search Network