Weekly Network Fees

$250.00 / 7 days


Weekly Network Fees

This is our Weekly Network & Guru Fee

To be on the Page One Network over 300 Business Portals

PAGE ONE also Trades as 1 MEDIA


Fee includes landing page on a Page One Portal

Use of Portal Videos

Use of existing work by Page One Gurus


This fee also includes  PPC Management by the Week

By a Page One PPC Guru


Client pays PPC costs separately

PPC Budget is

$500 Weekly Google Ads

Budget overages are Billed at 50% PPC Management Fee


SEO fees if contracted for are not included



Page One

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Guaranteed Page One Search

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Over 300 Business Portals

Lawyers - Doctors - Auto - Trades

Homes - Insurance - Media - Cities

300+ Keyword Business Portals

In the Page One Network


Setup - Monthly


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