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Setup Fees 

PageOne Network


These are the Setup Fees

To join the Business & City Search Portals

In the Page One Network

There are over 300 Business Portals

In the Page One Network


Setup Fees Include


Landing Page on a Page One Portal

High Response Content Design by Guru

Stock Industry HD Video Customization

Custom PPC AdWords Setup by Guru

Onsite SEO of Landing Page by Guru

Social Media Promo by Guru


Seven Tech Gurus at Page One

Are involved in creating your Page

On a Page One Portal


It will dominate Search & Social Media

It will get high response ratios

25% to 50% of Visitors to your Page

Will respond and become a lead

Typical response on Net is less than 3%

We average over 1000% Higher Response

That’s 10 Times More Potential Customers


*Client must pay Monthly Fee to use these items



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Over 300 Business Portals

Lawyers - Doctors - Auto - Trades

Homes - Insurance - Media - Cities

300+ Keyword Business Portals

In the Page One Network


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